Jun 5, 2013

On Saturday, May 18, I witnessed a beautiful THANG!!

3rd and 4th graders from Winton Woods Elementary met with 4th Grade Bond hill students and participated in Envision Children's 1st "Academic Jeopardy Bowl".  The questions came from the common core standards for 4th graders.  Vincent Rey, #57 linebacker for the Cincinnati Bengals was the moderator.  He was amazing!  He really drew the children out and encouraged them to work together.

4 other Bengal players came to support Envision - Geno Atkins #97,  Tony Dye #44,  Michael Johnson #93, Jeromy Miles #45.   Geno and Tony were judges and Michael and Jeromy each played with a team.  Michael with Winton Woods and Jeromy with Bond Hill.

The beautiful THANG I saw...........was students on a saturday morning getting excited about education.... Which happens to be Envision's mission.

The beautiful THANG I saw was students who had no coach or teacher to help them study, answer questions correctly because they had studied on their own for the competition.

The beautiful THANG I saw was Bengals players coming out on an early saturday morning and encouraging and playing with the children.  The fact that "they" thought and demonstrated that education was important made it even more important to the youth.  It also made the children feel important that these celebreties would come and be with them.

The beautiful THANG I saw were parents cheering their children on. Fun and Education.  That is where Envision stands....right in the middle to bridge the gap. 

On a side note....... I saw the aforesaid Bengals players on television for what they were doing in sports.  Not that I don't care, because I love football, but I/Envision felt more connected to them because of how they showed up for the youth.   

Thank you supporters. Your biggest fans will be Envision and the youth that you serve.