Feb 12, 2013


Today in tutoring, I had to exercise a "special kind of patience".  Not only did I have my "regular" group of children, but also the ones who were "put out" of class. I willingly take them on because I own the business and want Envision to stay well represented.  Tutors/Teachers should not have to continuously deal with disrespect, when they themselves are pretty much volunteering to be there.

 I wanted to understand the disconnect.  Believe me.........they didn't behave any better for me than they did for the other teachers, but I believe I got somewhere.

As each child was "cappin'" on one another, I told them that before they got the reward of getting on the computer, they had to write for me.  One assignment was to look up the word "loquacious", write the definition and then give me 10 sentences using the word.

What was interesting is that when I asked them if they knew what the word meant, each student shared that they knew what it meant.

My mom said it means "that I am stupid"
another shared "It means that I am dumb"

there were only 4 extra students that I was dealing with and 50% sharing that they were identified as dumb/stupid.... I was done.

What I appreciated is that they did look up the word and find out that loquacious meant talkative.
I appreciated that they wrote the 10 sentences.
I appreciated that when they left for the day......they wanted to come back.

I'll take it.