Feb 8, 2013


Today, I had to leave a phenomenal event that highlighted the success of the Urban League to tutor 1 student at Bond Hill. I truly felt a bit of conflict.

1. Envision doesn't have the funds to attend an event for 1 hour.....then leave
2. That child will be okay for one day of me not attending.  That student will be okay.  It's just one day.

Now it is 12:40pm (tutoring @ 1pm) and I just couldn't do it.  I made a commitment to these children and if I have to sit there and stare at the walls for an hour, they will know my commitment.

I showed up at 1pm and the sweetie was excited to see me. 

One day does make a difference.  She was successful in her assignment that we worked on and wanted to make sure that I would be there next week.

I wouldn't miss it.  We all make choices.  It's so easy to forget how crucial our presence is when it comes to our youth.  Events.....galas.....networking parties.

Watching one student grow..............

Great Choice.